I should be in bed right now but instead, I am reliving today’s explorations. Also, there were probably four times during this little excursion where I thought I was going to die. This is not an experience for the wobbly folk (AKA, me).

Vance Creek-1-2Vance Creek-2Vance Creek-3Vance Creek-4Vance Creek-6Vance Creek-7Vance Creek-8Vance Creek-9Vance Creek-10Vance Creek-11Vance Creek-12Vance Creek-14Vance Creek-15Vance Creek-17Vance Creek-18Vance Creek-19Vance Creek-20Vance Creek-21Vance Creek-22Vance Creek-23Vance Creek-24Vance Creek-25Vance Creek-26Vance Creek-27Vance Creek-28Vance Creek-30Vance Creek-32Vance Creek-33Vance Creek-35Vance Creek-36Vance Creek-38Vance Creek-41


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