Phoenix to Seattle

So, I moved last week. My sister and I packed up everything I owned, or at least what fit in my tiny little Corolla, and drove 1500 miles to Kirkland, Washington.

Mic and I left on a Wednesday morning at 7 AM. Coffee in hand and Taylor Swift in the CD player. We headed towards the coast, hoping to reach Big Sur before sunset. Unfortunately, my car broke down before we even had a chance to get to Fresno. We stopped in to a tiny little shop to get some parts looked at. The guys were super great and felt bad for me so they drove us to In-N-Out while we waited for my car to get a complete makeover (leaky axle, bad struts, bad strut plates, loose calipers…blah blah blah. I can only remember everything that was replaced because I paid an arm and leg for it.)

Any who, we got back on the road that Wednesday evening and drove a few more hours and stopped in what they call Los Banos, California. Not where I would want to call home but it was a fun night of nomadic wandering nonetheless.

Micayla and I made it to Portland the next day after driving 11 hours straight. I didn’t have a chance to take many photos of Oregon but we did get to stop in for a Voodoo Donut right before it started pouring. The rain chased us back to the car where we ate our donuts in peace. I had also paid for 45 minutes of parking and was determined to use all of it while we slowly nibbled on our sugary delicious breakfast.

Long story short, we made it to Washington. I’ve been here a little over a week now and have fallen in love with this state. My best friend moved here just a few days after and lives about an hour and a half away so we’ve had a few chances to see each other and explore. The last few photos are of Snoqualmie Falls, Sammamish River, and the Puget Sound. Enjoy!